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Nordic Green

Our Company

Nordic Green acts as a facilitator, connecting biofuel producers with buyers to create optimal value for the new and upcoming biofuel producer.


Our approach focuses on analyzing a given product and, via discussions on “risk willingness”, selecting one or more optimum outlets - as value can vary with hundreds of EUR from market to market and application to application.


By maximizing value for producers, ensuring projects are financially viable and profitable, we increase return on investment. 


With expertise in EU legislation and its implementation across 30 European countries, including the EU27, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Norway, we navigate regulatory frameworks seamlessly. Recognizing variations in market dynamics, we adapt strategies to optimize opportunities in regions with differing purchasing power. While some markets offer fixed values, others are subject to fluctuations influenced by factors such as exchange rates, competition, legislative changes, and individual customer requirements.


Through tailored solutions and market insights, Nordic Green enables sustainable and profitable transactions for all stakeholders involved in the biofuel market.

Methanol barrels
Ethanol production

Our Mission

By bridging the gap between project developers, producers and customers, we envision ourselves as facilitators of the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy with high GHG-savings at competitive prices. 


Client satisfaction is also of paramount importance for us – both the producers and the buyers of the products. Ultimately we intend to build trust in all our relationships.

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Overcoming the Paradox

Our Approach 

At Nordic Green, we tackle the paradox hindering many projects in the biofuel industry. The challenge arises from the disparity between project requirements for long-term offtake agreements at fixed prices and customers offering rates based on market lows, often leading to unviable business cases and project abandonment for over 80% of ventures.


Our approach is clear: focusing on the most promising projects and conducting meticulous research on all business parameters, including relevant technical aspects, in order to optimize product value on behalf of the producer.

Leveraging comprehensive historical pricing data, we equip project developers, investors, and banks with the confidence needed to invest in viable ventures, ensuring a satisfactory return on investment while effectively managing financial risks. We delve into crucial factors such as pricing formulas, emerging markets like bio-chemicals, bio-marine-fuels, and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and anticipate technological advancements and legislative changes.


Through rigorous analysis, we determine the optimal balance between equity and bank loans, as well as the distribution of long-term versus short-term offtake agreements.


At Nordic Green, we're committed to guiding you through these challenges and paving the way for the successful commercialization of your biofuel project.

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