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Nordic Green can help achieve the best possible prices in the market for the following products:

  • Methanol

  • Bio-methanol

  • Ethanol

  • Advanced ethanol

  • Gasoline

  • Diesel

  • RME of B7 quality

  • RME of B100 quality

  • HVO

  • SAF

For inquiries about technical characteristics of our products and/or of the products that you are offering please do not hesitate to contact us.


Technical Data Sheet and CoA can be provided upon request.

A snapshot of our experience

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Within the Advanced ethanol market we represent Advanced ethanol producers on long-term exclusive terms. Our job is to maximize the selling price of their Advanced ethanol. For example, one of our producers makes ethanol based on straw, which is regarded as an Advanced feedstock (Annex IX A according to EU-directive), has a GHG-reduction of more than 85% and has a purity exceeding 98,7%. 

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From 2011 we were the exclusive agents for BioMCN in the Nordic & Baltic countries. BioMCN was at that time the world’s biggest producer of Advanced biofuels, producing bio-methanol from crude glycerine. During this time we became the first non-producer globally to close two-digit kt deals and supplying bio-methanol in shiploads.
We have also set-up bio-methane to bio-methanol production-routes using existing methanol plants. Bio-methane is shipped across border on a certificate basis, sometimes in combinations of fossil and bio-, co-mingled.

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HVO & Other Products

The founders have extensive experience with RME and HVO. The experience comes from the fact that methanol in used in the production of RME and from purchasing large quantities of RME for B100 and HVO for HVO100. The B100 market has extreme quality requirements (e.g. max 200 ppm water versus 700 ppm for RME for B7). The founders have extensive experience with negotiations, contracts, shipping, terminal operations and quality control of RME and HVO as well as valuing technical properties, GHG-values, feedstocks and cold properties.

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